Works Of Many Arts


Origanal Poems by:Jonathan Shankles. -MORE COMING SOON-

Wash it away:

Wash it away:
"My eyes are burning;
my ears are bleeding.
My mouth's gaped open
and my min exploding.
Bring the soft sound rains,
to wash my sin away.
I can take it any more
My mind has changed forever more.
Please god wash it away.."

Dedicated to: No one really. It was raining outside It gave me the idea and I wrote it in my notbook. 

Remember me: 2009

Remember me:
"You had me once but now you don't.
I would of stayed by your side,
would have been there no matter what.
I loved you more than you can ever understand.
You where my first true love and I thought we'd last forever.
Your always in my heart but I don't think I can love you like I used to again.
Don't forget about us and please....Remember me."


Dedicated to: Brittany and her now Ex Boyfriend Travis.

Just so you know: 2009

Just so you know:
"These times are hard and you wonder if you will last, and how will you make it?
You never feel at home always longing for so much more.
You want the best for her but how will it happen?
Your thinking and dreaming, you try your best to believe then you say it will never happen...
I just want you to know I'm always here. I'll never go... You will never be alone."

Dedicated to: Brittany and Corazon Shankles.
I love you Britt and I love Cora to. Ill always be here for both of you.

A true friend: 2009

A True Friend:
"Ever since I first met you, I just knew it for sure.
We would be best friends forever more.
Your silly and crazy, caring and evil.
Your such a dork yet I can't help but to love you.
Your so special to me you may never understand.
Thats just how it is and always will be.
Simple as that. One simple fact... Your a true friend!"

Dedicated to: All of my true best friends =] But Brii thought it was a forward so now every one probaly knows about it! UGH!!!!!!!! Then I also won't get any credit!!!

Un-expected: 2009

"I didn't expect the whole world to change.
I thought every thing could just stay the same.
Life was fun, easy, and care free.
Now all I think about is what will happen to me?
I didn't expect life to just slip away.
Am I really ready to be on my own?
This si what truely scares me day after day.
All I can say is just don't be afraid.
You can make your own way.
Life is yours live it how you want.
Your never alone unless you truely make it that way.
So make to day your day..."

Dedicated to: Every one including my self who in 3 years or less will be 18 and on there own in the world. It is a very scarry thought some have a alot others push to the side. It will never be easy but it can be less difficult.

My Un-Controlled love: 2009

My Uncontrolled Love:
"Is it the fact that I love you to much to loose you? Or maybe it's the
fact that I couldn't live without you.
You’re my one true love and I don't wanna loose you cause with out you boo id
My love is scar born from the past, but it can become soft and passionate...
If all you'd do is give me the chance...
My soul is forgiving and forgetful...
And that’s just all I can say besides that.....I LOVE YOU!!...."