Works Of Many Arts



Welcome to my NEW site! I am really happy you came here. I created this to show all my Poems and Photography as well as friends, family, and soon to be co-workers. I have been really inspired lately and I had thought perhaps people on the web would like to see/read them. Also I know alot of pepople out there can do fantastic things but never show it so I'm giving them the chance to show it on here! I really hope you like these because I do put my heart and soul into them as do all artists. I am only on my way to greatness but I believe I can make it there.


3/29/09: The site was created.

3/30/09: The Director added some Poems and Photography. Also added where more pages.

3/31/09: *A new "Application" Page has been added by The Director. You may now go and fill out a application to work on the site. For more information visit the Application page.
                                                                                                                                                                    *The Director also updated information through out the site.
*The Director added a New Forum on the Link page!!                                                *The Director added a two new Poem's!                                                         

4/01/09: *The Director has yet to recieve ANY applications. He is deeply disapointed. But hopefully some one will e-mail him soon..                                                           *The Director updated Application Information on the Application page.